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The Restorative Practices Collaborative partners with schools, organizations and communities in Maine to cultivate a restorative approach.
What is the Restorative Approach?
  • The Restorative Approach uses both proactive and responsive practices to build strong relationships, a respectful climate and culture, personal accountability, engagement, empathy and honest communication.

  • The restorative approach repairs relationships among all members of a community by inviting individuals to own their behavior, understand the impact on others, repair the harm, and reflect on the outcome.

  • The restorative approach gives all stakeholders a voice.


Learn more about Restorative Practices from these videos. 

Professional Development

Our team presents a series of professional development workshops on restorative practices. We offer this training as inservice workshops for your organization, or as public workshops. 


Our team will work with you and your staff in a collaborative process to plan, implement, train and coach your staff in the restorative circle process and restorative justice conferencing. We also facilitate circles and conferences with you as you learn the process. 

Whole School Change

Our team is experienced in helping schools to develop and implement the Restorative Approach for the whole school. We include staff training, consultation, coaching and co-facilitation.