Join the Restorative Practices Collaborative of Maine

for our Spring 2020 Workshops in Saco, Maine!

Building a Restorative Classroom - Monday April 13, 2020

    Presenter: George Conant

This workshop will present information and tools designed to support you in establishing a Restorative School Classroom.  This approach is all about strengthening relationships, student to student and teacher to student.  Restorative classrooms are designed to give everyone more voice and choice in exchange for taking responsibility for behaviors and learning.  Making the change from a punitive to a restorative climate is a significant undertaking and can be challenging.  Restorative Circles will be described and demonstrated during this workshop.  You will leave with knowledge and skills to begin your journey into the Restorative Practices world.

Circles: Strengthening Relationships in the School Community - Wednesday April 15, 2020

   Presenter: Ansley Newton

This workshop will focus on the Circle Process which provides a structured conversation to foster authentic dialogue, help people to get to know each other and give people experience with a Restorative Practice. The morning will focus on proactive circles (community circles, proactive solution circles, staff circles, fishbowl circles). The afternoon will include responsive circles with a focus on Restorative Circles for students who are sent to the office and students assigned to in- or out- of- school suspension. Participants will be active, leading circles with feedback from others.

Restorative Conferencing Introduction: Tier 3 - Thursday April 16, 2020

   Presenters: Margaret Micolichek & Barbara Egan

Life is challenging and some days are easier than others - for all of us!  When difficult days result in students being removed from the classroom and school activities, the need to regain good standing with the community is paramount. How do we support students and their families through these events without adding to their growing frustration and struggle? 

Restorative conferencing makes it possible. Students and families come together with other members of their school community to dialogue about what happened and determine a path forward that meets everyone’s needs. Conferencing invites honesty, accountability and community connection.Through lecture, group role-plays and discussion, we will explore the steps to develop and facilitate a restorative conference.