The Restorative Practices Collaborative of Maine provides training, consultation, restorative conferencing and whole-school implementation services. 

Professional Development


We provide professional development and training services for educators and staff. Our trainers will come into your school and train the staff on-site. We work with you to assess your needs and to design a program that will meet your expectations. We also provide public workshops on various aspects of restorative practices. See our Events page for a current listing. 



Our team will work with you and your staff in a collaborative process to plan, implement, train and coach your staff in the restorative circle process and restorative justice conferencing. We also facilitate circles and conferences with you as you learn the process. We will observe your circles as needed and provide feedback on the experience, with an emphasis on building facilitation skills. 

School Culture Change

Our team is experienced in helping schools to develop and implement the Restorative Approach for the whole school. We include staff training,consultation, coaching and co-facilitation. We work with you to plan the goals, objectives, time frame, effective practices, and staff work needed to be successful. We focus on working with staff teams as professional learning groups, and a leadership team to provide the overall direction for the implementation plan. We help you develop benchmarks and realistic outcomes as well as a self-evaluation process for measuring your progress. 

Everybody Has a Voice in this School - RP in Action


Listen to staff and students talk about the impact of restorative practices in their middle school in Maine.